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Farmacopea USP33 - NF28 Reissue Pharmacopeia Ebook

The United States Pharmacopeia 33 - National Formulary 28 (USP 33-NF 28) is a three-volume combination of two official compendia, the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and the National Formulary (NF). USP-NF is an annual publication, comprising of one main publication and two supplements each year.
In January 2010 USP recalled USP 33-NF 28 and subsequently reissued a revised publication in April 2010. Purchasers of the original USP 33-NF 28 will have been sent the revised edition called USP 33-NF 28 Reissue. New customers will simply receive the official, fully revised reissue version.
Customers benefit from:
  • Individually bound print copy of USP 33-NF 28 Reissue New and Revised Official Text Since the Second Supplement to USP 32-NF 27
  • Individually bound print copy of First Supplement to the USP 33-NF 28 Reissue
  • Individually bound PRINT copy of Second Supplement to the USP 33-NF 28 Reissue (June 2010) Designed to fit in compact storage facilitity which comes with the order.
CD-Rom features:
  • USP 32-NF 27 and its supplements
  • USP 33-NF 28 Reissue New and Revised Official Text Since the Second Supplement to USP 32-NF 27
  • First Supplement to the USP 33-NF 28 Reissue
The USP 33-NF 28 becomes official on 01 May 2010. The First Supplement is available from February 2010 and becomes official on 01 August 2010. The Second Supplement is available from June 2010 and becomes official on 01 December 2010.
The USP-NF provides access to official standards, enforceable by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for drugs and related products manufactured and marketed in the United States. In addition, the USP serves as a clear step-by-step guide for the specifications - tests, procedures, and acceptance criteria - required for pharmaceutical manufacturing and quality control.
USP 33-NF 28 includes more than 4200 monographs for drugs, excipients, biologics and dietary supplements. The monograph design is in a new easy-to-read format with concise language. Format developments include:
  • Tests and procedures clearly designated in a logical flow
  • Reorganised content; sub-headings reordered and renamed to meet ICH specifications
  • Calculations have been expanded to provide more details; added impurity tables and heavy metal units updated to ppm
  • Preparation of solutions are abbreviated and a new streamlined format used.
The USP-NF is an essential publication for anyone working in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, dietary supplements, medical devices and gases and veterinary drugs and is also is an important reference for pharmacies, libraries, universities, and schools of medicine and pharmacy.

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